Creative Niche



🍁 Summary

Creative Niche is an employment agency of a different sort. It began in 2002 when Mandy Gilbert decided to merge her passions for staffing and recruitment in an unusual way. She focused on compatibility and efficiency instead of just filling positions quickly. Creative Niche has since expanded to be the biggest firm of its type, with offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Cincinnati, and New York and more than 50,000 professionals in our listings.
Creative Niche carefully matches experts with business clients including Fortune 500 corporations, multinational advertising companies, digital and public relations agencies, and many more looking for staff. Some of the roles include account professionals, marketing managers, digital professionals, various human resources consulting services, and various other management positions. To appraise the applicant’s strengths, there is an in-depth evaluation and screening to ensure you are matched with the best employer possible.


🍁 Team

  • Mandy Gilbert – Founder
  • Stephen Hodges – President



🍁 Contact Info

📌 110 Spadina Ave #604 Toronto, ON M5V 2K4
☎ (416) 360-3893