Interchange Financial Currency Exchange



🍁 Summary

Interchange Financial is a Canadian currency exchange firm specializing in providing cross-currency transactions and other services. It was founded with the objective of providing Canadian businesses and individuals with better and more competitive exchange rates and services due to the lack of such services at Canadian banking institutions. Its main headquarters is located in downtown Toronto from which it serves the rest of its Canadian customers. There are also multiple locations across the Greater Toronto Area.
Interchange Financial takes pride in its expertise and transaction volume size which enables it to effectively work within the international market to bring very competitive prices and rates. Interchange Financial is operated by a team of highly qualified and experienced team of bankers and lawyers from some of the best firms from different sectors. Every year, the company handles hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of transactions and is one of Canada’s leading financial firms offering currency exchange services.


🍁 Team

  • Sam Karr – General Manager



🍁 Contact Info

📌 1 Yonge St #109 Toronto, ON M5E 1E5
☎ (416) 227-2007