Pelmar Engineering Ltd.



🍁 Summary

If you are looking for the best compressed air products, spray nozzles, heat exchangers and cabinet air conditioners in the industry, Pelmar Engineering Ltd has everything you need. Their head office is located in Scarborough, Ontario, and their team of Application Specialists is ready to answer your questions about their different products.
Pelmar Engineering has been a proud member of PICS Consortium since July 2012. PICS is the world's fastest-growing supplier and contractor management company, as well as the global standard in the Chemical, Power, Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, and Manufacturing industries.


🍁 Team

  • Hanan Silbermann – President



🍁 Contact Info

📌 445 Midwest Rd #8, Scarborough, ON M1P 4Y9
☎ (416) 288-1736