Star Quality Private Investigations Toronto




🍁 Summary

Star Quality Private Investigations is a private detective in Toronto. This is a fully licensed, bonded and insured, female-owned company. With several locations across Ontario, this private investigator provides excellent customer service and investigation results. They are a respected name in the industry, helping individuals as well as companies and large businesses.
As part of their private investigator services, Star Quality Private Investigations deals with a multitude of situations. Their flexibility allows them to cater to each clients' needs accordingly. Many of their team members have a great deal of experience in law enforcement. The company also has strong partnerships with many attorneys who specialize in several areas.
At Star Quality Private Investigations, some of their services include video & photo evidence and background searches. In addition, they specialize in infidelity & cheating spouse investigations, and child custody investigations. The company also performs wellness checks on children, teens and the elderly, written reports, social media investigations and much more.



🍁 Contact Info

📌 2 St Clair Ave W, 18th Floor, Toronto, ON M4V 1L5
☎ (416) 884-5100