DashVapes Burnaby





🍁 Summary

DashVapes Burnaby is a company that sells Canadian e-cigs, vape kits and related supplies. The DashVapes staff have excellent customer service and are always ready to help, including a recommendation of their various flavours and brands. With many locations across Canada, you'll find a DashVapes branch conveniently near you.
DashVapes is a large Canadian vape store in Burnaby, British Columbia. They have many locations in Ontario and serve customers worldwide. DashVapes Burnaby specializes in popular e-cigs, liquids, batteries and other vaping supplies. They have many popular e cigarette models and only sell high-quality items. Plus, the DashVapes staff are known for their friendly customer service.


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📌 106-8288 North Fraser Way, Burnaby, BC V3N 0E9
☎ (604) 628-7274