Rent Them, Don't Buy Them: 5 Furniture Tips for Homeowners

When your furniture is outdated or not in great shape, furniture rentals become the solution.

Furniture rental has become a popular trend in the marketplace in recent years. Whether it is to stage your home during an open house or to get the best home pieces for your Airbnb place, furniture rental is a cost-effective method of amplifying the ambiance in your humble abode.

As more homes go on the market to take advantage of soaring prices, sellers are looking to furniture rentals to help expand the price-tag and encourage even more bids from buyers.

When you are home staging, furniture rental complements your entire strategy. At the same time, you want to avoid spending outrageous sums of money on these furniture pieces. Even if it is an investment to get the best bang for your buck, it is still best to be conservative.

Here are five cost-saving tips for furniture rentals:

1. How Big is Your Home?

The size and square footage of your home will be the biggest factor to consider when you’re seeking out furniture rental services. This is why it is best to hire a consultant (see below), but when you can’t then you have to use your best judgment and little grey cells to determine how many pieces you need and where these furniture items will be placed.

As you speak with the furniture rental business, be sure to tell them your square footage.

2. Fast & Safe Delivery

One of the benefits of utilizing a furniture rental company is that you don’t have to pick up the furniture yourself. You can take advantage of its delivery service, but you have to ensure that it is both fast and safe.

The speed is important because your open house may be for only a weekend or two. The safety is imperative because you do not want to be held accountable for any potential damage.

3. You May Need to Factor in the Present

Another aspect you may need to consider is your present furniture. Since you have yet to move into a new home, you may have all of your current furniture still in the living quarters.

Therefore, as you look through all of your available options, you must think of ways to complement your 10-year-old sofa, the recliner that has been in the family for three decades and that worn down coffee table.

Here is a bit of advice: if one of your furniture pieces is in terrible shape put it in the garage.

4. Seek Out a Consultant

Home staging and furniture renting are difficult tasks to take on for any person.

This is why it may be a prudent idea to hire a consultant to assist you in this process. They have been working in this field for years, they have worked with all sorts of homes and furniture pieces and they know what homebuyers like and don’t like.

Although it may come up with a hefty initial investment, it will pay dividends when the bidding war is initiated.

5. Make Sure the Home is Clean

Lastly - and this may just be common sense but it should be noted – you have to make sure the home is clean from top to bottom, from left to right. Not only is this a great practice for your open house, you must avoid getting your rented furniture damaged or stained from your surroundings. Every nook and cranny of the home must be thoroughly scrubbed and wiped.