Outdoor Recycling Bins vs. Indoor Recycling Bins: A Guide

Being environmentally friendly is not just a personal responsibility; it is everyone’s responsibility. Many homeowners and their communities have adopted recycling programs so less products wind up in the landfills.

Commercial places have just as much responsibility as homeowners to make sure they are recycling as much as possible. For companies, this can be a little more challenging because of the volume of products used daily. Depending on your type of business, you may have only one specific volume of e-waste, or you may have multiple products that can be reused. Places that collect reusable products from their customers will have special considerations when collecting products.

Because businesses deal with higher volumes of materials, they require bigger bins to collect the recycled materials.  If you are considering buying containers to collect your garbage and recyclable materials, here are some helpful tips to help you with your purchasing needs:

Outdoor Bins

Some businesses have bins inside their businesses; others have large outdoor bins and many have a combination of both. The outside bins are much bigger and are made with a thicker, more sturdy materials. They are designed to support larger, heavier volumes of materials along with the wear-and-tear of being moved or emptied. Out door units are also made to withstand the yearly weather conditions.

There are several different types of outdoor bins designed to hold different types of reusable materials. The bins come in different sizes to meet industrial needs. If you are considering buying a bin for the external area of your company, you should consider the amount and type of recycled waste it will be holding and where the container will be located. The amount of e-waste you will be collecting and the frequency of emptying the bins should also be considered.

Indoor Containers

There are several different types of recycling containers for inside commercial places. By looking at the layout and needs of your industry, it will help you decide what type of containers you will need. For example, public food vendors have bins with different spaces: garbage, cans and bottles, and paper products while many offices have predominantly paper holding bins.

The bins can have single or multiple compartments depending on your company’s needs. By first looking at your requirements, you can decide what recyclable bins would be most effective for your professional space. Once you have chosen the most suitable units, you can place them in areas where they will be most visible and used by staff and customers.

Other Waste Containers

Companies often require other containers that home owners do not. Salt bins, out door ashtrays, storage bins or concrete garbage containers are frequently used by commercial places to keep their exterior clean, safe, and attractive all year.

If you have customers or staff that smoke, ashtrays, and cigarette holders can be placed in the designated areas so people can discard their cigarette remnants in an environmentally and hazard friendly place. External ashtrays are an effective way to reduce butts littering the ground. They are also safer;burning cigarettes can pose a fire hazard if not extinguished properly. Rather than throw them on the ground or in a garbage can full of combustible materials, industrial ashtray units are an efficient and safe way to dispose of smoking sticks.

It is equally important that homeowners and companies develop recycling programs in their establishments. Companies have more to consider than homeowners because they have more products to be collected. Buying the right type and size of bin will help your staff and customers be more environmentally friendly while utilizing your company services.