How to Secure Your Home: 5 Security Measures for Homeowners

Though it may be costly to install a home alarm system, it could end up being more costly if you did not. Of course, this all depends on each person or family and their respective situations. For someone single who spends a lot of time outside and doesn't really have too many worries regarding their possessions (perhaps a minimalist), it may not be necessary to install one. On the other hand, someone with a family and pets, or perhaps someone living in a rough neighbourhood, it would be much more important.

Here now are five reasons to install a home alarm system.

🔐 1. Protection From Neighbourhood Crime

With criminals becoming more sophisticated, you need to protect your home from intruders with a reliable and dependable alarm system. Homes without a security system are much more likely to be targeted. Though it's not foolproof, there's no doubt that having a system in place is a huge deterrent. One study found that in a particular neighbourhood where security systems began to increase, the number of crimes dropped dramatically, even for homes that did not have a system in place.

A security system can inform authorities immediately in the event that your home is targeted with you and your family still in it. This can turn into a dangerous situation. Not only can the system warn you, giving you a few extra seconds to get to a safer place, but authorities can get there quickly and hopefully apprehend the criminal.

🔐 2. Protecting Valuable Possessions

Many people, over the course of their lifetime, may collect lots of items that may be expensive or perhaps just have a sentimental value. These things are obviously precious to them. Having a security system can help prevent the loss of these possessions. If surveillance cameras are installed, it may be possible to not only identify the person but it can show what items have been taken. If something that is considered irreplaceable is taken, at least there is a possibility of recovering it with the use of video footage.

🔐 3. Fire & Gas Warning

If you're away from home and there's a fire or gas leak, you could possibly set up your account, if allowed by the provider, so that the relevant authorities are notified, so action can be taken immediately. A fire can obviously be seen, however, something like carbon monoxide cannot; it's been called the silent killer. You won't even be aware that there is a leak and it could cause irreparable damage and even death. If someone does happen to be in the home, the quicker medical attention is given, the better.

🔐 4. A Constant Source Of Monitoring

The simple fact that someone is always monitoring your home will give you peace of mind. Even if nobody is at home, you still wouldn't want your home burgled or come home and see it burned to the ground. You may have teens or pets like dogs and cats that will be a constant source of worry, so knowing that a professional service is looking after your interests will make you feel safer and happier. At work, you will remain more productive and focused.

🔐 5. Remote Access

If you have a system installed that has video cameras and if your provider allows it, you can monitor your home remotely. In fact, you could even have control of locks, lights and the thermostat remotely. This is really convenient and gives you peace of mind. It always helps to have something that you can actually see. Having access to your lights remotely gives an added sense of security, since it can give the illusion that someone is at home and help deter criminals. This service will likely come with an added fee, but if you're on vacation or away for a long weekend, it can be really helpful to feel in control.

Before you decide on whether to install a system, do some research. Talk to friends and get recommendations. Take into consideration many factors like valuables and family and pets, the area in which you live and then decide if it's for you. If you decide that you'd like to get a home security system, would video surveillance be important? Would you need remote access? Look into everything so that you can make the best decision that's specifically for you and your home.