How to Resolve Employment Disputes: A Guide

In today's busy business world with rapidly changing workplaces, there are many employment disputes that arise and the common ones include wrongful dismissals, workplace bullying and discrimination. Resolving these issues directly with the company may not always be successful and may become increasingly more complex putting you in a compromising position. This is when it becomes vital to consult with an employment law firm as they can remediate the situation and make it easier for you to solve the dispute at work amicably and with no resentment between both parties.

Working with a law firm

Employment law firms can also help employers and businesses with understanding labour laws and protecting themselves from lawsuits. Whether representing an employee or employer, the employment law firm is committed to resolving the issue on agreeable terms.

There are many reasons for hiring employment lawyers as they help in negotiating employment contracts, dealing with terminations and inappropriate dismissals, seeking fair wages and benefits, resolving discrimination, ensuring an entitled severance payment, handling and resolving complaints, ensuring overtime pay and the rightful job responsibilities are presented to the employee.

Employment lawyers

They investigate a broad area of issues from dismissals to workplace bullying and harassment, making sure that employees are protected and always treated fairly and respectfully at the workplace. Lawyers also ensure employment agreements are in place which removes uncertainty for both parties as well as potential lawsuits or disputes by either party. They support employers on a wide range of employment and labour matters such as occupational health and safety, collective bargaining, employee privacy, human rights issues, legislative advice, and drafting of all relevant contracts.


There are many employment lawyers that are qualified to help with employment policies or setbacks, but it is important to undertake research so you can work with the experts in resolving your case.

Look for a good employment law firm who:

  1. Has extensive knowledge in employment and labour law.

  2. Is listed as Canada’s Top Employment Lawyers in publications and survey results.

  3. Is certified and endorsed by trusted authorities.

  4. Has media and publication appearance and recognition.

  5. Solved a range of cases such as constructive dismissals, workplace bullying and harassment, contractor disputes, human rights and discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful dismissal, severance packages, disability insurance disputes, employment termination and more.

  6. Successfully represented both employees and employers on various types of labour disputes.

  7. Can help with a broad range of disputes including pension and health benefits.

  8. Can give advice on privacy and personal information breach.

  9. Can provide labour arbitration and advice on successor-employer proceedings.

  10. Can educate you about federal and provincial employment laws including all associated Employment Acts.

  11. Focus entirely on your needs, are committed to identifying your goals and help you effectively resolve legal issues.

Employers & Employees

For an employee, an unfair work situation is not always easy to identify or prove even with employment laws in place, and if they are unhappy at work, it can impact their mental and physical wellbeing. Employees have rights which they need to be fully aware of to make informed decisions about the actions to take.

For employers, dealing with policies and knowing the employment laws are a must to prevent and be able to resolve workplace disputes without further destruction. The advantage of an employment lawyer is that businesses can hold onto valuable staff, have a wide range of talent pool, reduce absenteeism and increase employee commitment and productivity.

The employer-employee relationship involves complex power dynamics. Employees cannot complain without the fear of retaliation and employers don’t want to be put in a bad position. Therefore, the best and amicable settlements are achieved through strong representation by a good employment lawyer.