How to Repair Your Broken Air Conditioner: A Guide

What a start to the summer! Within just a matter of days, we have already cracked 30 degrees, and it is likely that this is just the beginning. This also means that it is time to turn on the air conditioning unit and remain calm, cool, collected in the comfort of your humble abode.

Unfortunately, after keeping it on for an entire day, the air conditioner is experiencing difficulties. Oh, the humanity! How are you going to keep cool now? It’s simple: repair.If you did not perform any end-of-season maintenance tasks then it is quite probable that your device will undergo a series of hiccups upon the first day of summer. You shouldn’t fret, however, considering that there are multiple remedies you can employ right now. Once these air conditioner repairs are completed, you can return to your living room, avoiding the heat.

Here are five air conditioner repair tips to keep cool this summer:

A Good Old-Fashioned Cleaning

It is possible that your air conditioner has taken a beating over the last few months. No, we’re not talking about you keeping it on, even if it goes above 15 degrees. We’re talking about weather.

Should your air conditioner remain outside for the entire autumn and winter, it will be hammered with snow, rain, ice and everything that mother nature has to dish out. This means that when it’s time to turn the A/C on once again that you need to thoroughly clean the unit inside and out.

Remember, if your A/C has some problems at first, a good old-fashioned cleaning will suffice.

Check the A/C Unit Filters

A majority of A/C repairs can be avoided by regularly changing the filter. When a filter is clogged up or becomes really dirty then you will inevitably experience a wide range of issues, like a paucity of air flow or your system icing up (see below).

When summer arrives, immediately change the filter and then change it one or two more times.

Melt the Ice Around the A/C

A common issue that A/C units experience is icing up, which will prevent it from cooling your home properly. The simple solution to this problem is to melt the ice. Here are two things to do:

  • Turn the system off and let the fan run to melt the ice.
  • Turn the system off and let it melt the ice on its own.

Inspect for Leaks or Cracks

Like an arduous cleaning job, an inspection will always be of great importance. When you’re walking around the A/C unit and checking every nook and cranny, you need to keep an eye out for any leaks or cracks. These will generate significant problems for your machine if they are not fixed right away – it will also lead to a higher hydro bill down the line.

Is it Time to Replace the Compressor?

We talk about filters and air ducts all the time, but do you know what else is an important component of your A/C system? The air compressor, which allows air to flow freely without any hurdles to overcome. If it is in good shape and operating normally then it’s all good to go. If it is the opposite then you must get rid of it immediately and change it with a new one.

This should be checked at the start of the summer season and at the end of the warm weather.