How to Choose the Right Retirement Home for Your Parents

As your parents become older, finding the right retirement home for them is of the utmost importance. With the growing number of adults a part of the sandwich generation – you’re looking after both your aging parents and your children now – a retirement home is an option.

Indeed, next to buying a new home and an automobile, choosing the best retirement community for your mother or father is the most important decision you will ever make in your lifetime.

Although it is difficult for you to do, you must also consider your parents throughout the initial phase of selecting a living-assisted community. You should always give them choice; if they don’t like a particular retirement home then do not force them to live in it.

Since this is likely the first time that you have ever done this sort of thing, you may be thinking how exactly you go about searching and picking the right retirement home. In addition to searching online, you also have to visit the place in-person to get the proper vibes.

Here are five tips for choosing the right retirement home for your parents:

Pay Attention to Staff & Resident Morale

If you want to gain a glimpse into the quality of the retirement home then you should look no further than the personnel and the residents.

Working in a retirement home can be tough to do a lot of the time, but personnel should still be attentive, kind and respectful. Meanwhile, residents aren’t necessarily happy every single day, but they should still maintain a positive demeanor upon your visit.

Simply put: it is important to pay attention to staff and resident morale during your tour.

Be Sure to Stay for Lunch or Dinner

For the next several years, your parents will be eating their lunches and dinners close to every day at the retirement home. Since you want them to eat right and imbibe something delicious, you must make sure that the food is adequate.

One of the best things you can do is to stay for lunch or dinner and try out the food yourself.

Check Out the Conditions of the Premise

Throughout your visit, you should keep an eye on the conditions of the premise. Everything from the state of the units to the cleanliness of the public grounds, you must confirm if the retirement home is clean, sterile, organized and accommodative for those with health conditions.

Will Your Parents Make Friends Easily?

Do you think your parents will make friends easily in this assisted-living community? That is what you need to find out. How exactly can you determine this possibility? Here are a few tips:

  • Attend the welcome events and get to know some of the residents.
  • Explore the entire complex with your parents and meet the people.
  • Seek out activities and events with your parents and encourage them to participate.

Your senior parents will not feel so alone if they make friends in their new home.

Listen to That Little Man Inside of You

How do you know if you have found the right retirement home for your mother or father? The little man will tell you. What little man, you may ask? That little man in your chest or stomach that will tell you to stay put or find another retirement home more suitable for your parents.

Your instinct can oftentimes be the best alternative to rational thought and discussion.

Let’s be honest: it can be hard to place your parents in a retirement home. No matter how great the nursing home, retirement complex or assisted-living community may be, knowing that your parents are in the hands of strangers is difficult to fathom. Guilt is a common feeling that so many children have once they have made this decision. After a few visits, however, you will realize that your parents are incredibly happy by the retirement home.