Furnished Apartments: A Guide to Services and Options

For people who travel a lot, or even periodically for lengthy periods of time, a furnished apartment may be a good choice for accommodation arrangements. The cost of this kind of arrangement can often be justified, not only because of the amenities that frequently come with a furnished suite, but also because this kind of cost can often be deducted by the company, or the individual, on a tax return.

What furnished suites are all about

Most major hotels hold a few rooms back that they rent out only for people whose work or other reasons require them to stay somewhere for longer periods than just a few days. For these people, the length of stay or the number of times the location may be visited in a year does not justify purchasing a residence or even renting an apartment full time. The furnished suite is often the perfect compromise in situations such as these ones, and often offers additional services that bring additional value to the suite.

What comes with a furnished suite

Suites like these come in a range of sizes and either choc-a-bloc with amenities or stripped down and pretty simple. The client can choose which options might be needed and units are usually priced accordingly.  So a suite can be simply a room with a desk to work at and a bathroom or it can include a separate den for working purposes. In some suites, a board room and even a kitchenette can be included in the unit. It all depends on the need of the client and the amount of money available to spend.

Advantages of a furnished suite over an apartment

Renting a furnished suite has distinct advantages. Convenience is the biggest reason to rent a suite, because of the time and energy this arrangement can save you. Here are just some of the advantages of a furnished suite.

  • Room service can be a huge time saver. - When service comes through, they will replace towels and bathroom amenities, make the bed(s), and refill the fridge and so on. They also will clean the suite and often pick up laundry and other sundry items that might be lying around. So the unit is cared for without any extra effort on the part of the client. And that can be a real time saver for a person who is on assignment, working long hours in order to complete tasks while on the road.
  • Suites come furnished. You don’t have to worry about a bed for the night or a fridge for food. It’s all there.
  • Wifi is ready to go. Again, when you rent an apartment that might not be included, or you’ll have to set it up.
  • Breakfast and other meals can be delivered to the room, or are ready in the dining room. And special diets can almost always be accommodated.

Convenience and services compensate for higher costs

Although the price of a furnished suite might seem high at first, the amenities and convenience more than make up for the money that might be spent. Especially where work commitments are heavy, or late night deals might be in the offing, having a furnished suite can help things go smoothly.