Buddy Up: 5 Responsibilities When You're Renting an Apartment with Your Friend

A single person renting a furnished apartment is fine. A pair of roommates or a couple renting a furnished apartment is an entirely different ballgame. The more the merrier may not be the case.

For many people, particularly busy professionals, tourists and college students, furnished suites are convenient, comfortable and costly. By already having a sofa, armchair, television and other furniture pieces already inside the apartment, the apartment becomes more attractive for cash-strapped prospective tenants.At the same time, a furnished apartment requires a bit of responsibility, especially for duos.When you and your friend or significant another decide to rent a furnished apartment, you must ensure that you are equipped to handle the accountability of leasing this suite for 13 months.

Here are five tips for renting a furnished apartment with your friend or significant other:

1. What Features Are the Most Important?

Some features are more important than others. A three-seat sofa is far direr than an armchair; Wi-Fi Internet is more crucial to your living than a microwave. Do you get what we mean?

As you and the other person peruse through the online ads and seek out furnished apartments with certain features, you need to agree what features are the most important to you two.

Remember, we have all our needs and wants – we are not all the same.

2. Visit the Place, See the Photos & View the Floorplan

Like anything else, it is best to visit the apartment building, the suite and the landlord. Moreover, it would be prudent to see the photos and the view the floorplan before and after your in-person tour. By doing this, you can make plans, organize the suite and find out what you should toss out or what you will need.

3. Mind the Owner’s Furniture

This will likely be a problem for you or your roommate: minding the owner’s furniture.

Using somebody else’s furniture is different than using your own furniture. And this can be rather dangerous, especially if something goes wrong, like making a tear or making a stain.

From the day you move in to the day you move out, it is imperative to pay attention to the furniture pieces – sofa, loveseat, bed, armchair, tables, etc. This is definitely true if you own pets.

4. Comb Through All the Details

When you sign the 13-month lease, you must comb through all of the details in the contract. Everything from the highlighted text to the fine print, you should carefully read through the lease to ensure that you’re abiding by the terms and conditions, such as caring for the furniture.

You don’t want to be on the hook for something you didn’t know you were responsible for.

5. Split up the Responsibilities

If you have ever lived with somebody else before then you know how trying it can be at times.

Prior to deciding to live together, you must establish a pact or agreement. This is one that outlines who is responsible for what, how the finances will be divided per month, any time alone in the apartment and other important factors to make life together a tad easier.Once the lease is over, you may conclude that it is always better to live alone!

Furnished apartments are convenient for those who don’t want to invest in furniture, buy all of the usual trinkets and are capable of looking after somebody’s items without fear of damage.

When you’re a person who is hardly at home, a furnished suite is a recommended option.

Indeed, it can be hard to live with another person, especially if you have gone solo for a long period of time. However, in today’s expensive real estate market, getting a roommate or moving in with a loved one can be a realistic choice to save a few bucks. And get to know someone.