A Guide to Home Security: 5 Guidelines to Remember

We all want to protect our homes properties from theft and unwanted intrusions. That’s where a home security system might prove useful. Even though violent crime may have decreased in our communities, property theft and damage continue to cause problems. Some of these concerns may be eased and personal safety and security increased by installing a home security system. There are many factors to consider when choosing a home security system and the company that will provide it. This includes cost as one element a factor, but your security is not something you want to put a discounted value on. You only get what you pay for.

👮 1. The basics of home security systems

Some other things to consider when choosing a home security company might be the company’s track record and time they have been in business. Always get references and check with family and friend before making such an important purchase. Once you’ve picked the company, then you start looking at the elements of your home security system. They might be to think about whether you want to have them install it or do it yourself. That could save you a few dollars at the front end, but may cost you later if you make a mistake. You also need to think about which type of monitoring you prefer and the extent of equipment you want to have to protect your property.

👮 2. Install or DIY

As noted above, you can choose to install the home security system yourself or let an authorized contractor sell you the equipment and install it for you. If you choose to go the DIY route and install the equipment yourself you will receive detailed instructions. Or if you want you can go on YouTube where there are videos that will help guide you through the installation process. That can save you money, but it is also work, and a bit technical. But you can also get a good discount on the equipment if the company installs it, so that is something you should consider as well.

👮 3. Monitoring

How you would like your home security system to actually work in monitoring your home is another factor to take a look at before you make a decision. Different companies have differing monitoring models and options to consider. You can choose to have an alarm only home security system. That is a deterrent, but of little help in actual emergency if you happen to be away at the time of the intrusion or event. That is more of a risk than most people want to take. The better home security companies offer a full monitoring option that provides links to the local police department if back-up is required.

👮 4. Extent of security and surveillance

Every home will need some basic equipment that provides a level of security for the homeowner. That usually means having alarms on all doors and windows that could provide access to your home. After that there is a wide range of other equipment and options including motion detectors that can sense intruders and any activity while you sleep. Many people like security lighting as well so that exterior lights come on whenever anyone approaches your home. Other options might be smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors as well close circuit TV monitors that provide full video surveillance of your property.

👮 5. Cost

The size of your property, the level of monitoring and the variety of security equipment you want will all affect the cost of your home security system. You can save some money by installing the equipment yourself and you can also save money by leasing versus buying the security equipment outright. A longer-term contract will also be cheaper than a short one, but it’s best to get a few quotes and compare them before making a final decision. The best companies cost a little more, but aren’t you and your family worth the best possible protection?