A Guide to Catering: How to Plan an Event

Organizing an event is a stressful ordeal. Planning an event requires a person to manage a long list of to-dos and it can quickly become overwhelming with larger events. One of the major to-dos is of course food preparation and time management. To successful plan an event, one needs to know and manage the guest count, decide on what type of food is appropriate for the event, prepare it, serve it, and of course, clean up after the event. Catering an event can relieve a lot of the burdens associated with planning an event because food is such a large portion of event planning. Catering an event can be a great idea for the four following reasons.


As previously mentioned, panning an event is already quite time consuming, by utilizing a catering company a person can drastically reduce the amount of stress that is associated with planning an event because it delegates the food planning part of an event to a third party. A lot of time and effort goes into food planning and preparation, and catering companies specialize in this category of event planning.


Food preparation takes a lot of time. You have to plan, shop, cook, and serve. Any of these things alone can take hours to complete. Planning an event is already a time-consuming activity, using a catering company can free you up precious hours to work on other things that require your direct attention.


Catering companies plan, prepare, and serve food as a full-time job. This means that, when using a catering company, you can enjoy a huge versatility in food. Whether you want something specific made or if you simply want to pick something from an available menu, a catering company will have a solution that will be a perfect fit for your event. Your menu options with a catering company a virtually limitless.


As mentioned above, catering companies specialize in planning, preparing, and serving food at events. This means that they have perfected those three skills and such professionalism will not go unnoticed by your guests. If your goal is to create an incredible environment that wows your guests, then a catering company might be just the thing for your event.

Cost Effective

Unless you have years of experience cooking for large groups of people and all of the required equipment, it is very unlikely that you will save money by doing everything your self. Using a catering company will frequently end up saving you money instead of costing extra.

Types of Events

Not all catering is the same. It is important to keep in mind that each event might require a different strategy, ordering, and pricing. Identifying the type of event you are planning is an important first step in hiring a catering company for your event.

Corporate Catering

This includes everything from office meetings and trainings to regional events and large corporate outings. Utilizing a catering company for corporate events frees the planner from having to deal with timely food preparations and gives them more time to work on the business part of the event.

Social Events

Any social event such as a birthday, a retirement party, or a family gathering can fall into this category. This option gives the event planner a large variety of food choices and gives the event planner a lot of room for creativity.


Weddings are a special day and it is a day when you want everything to go according to plan. A catering company can ensure that all of the guests have a great time, which will allow the bride and groom to feel less stressed.

Public Events

Catering for a public event such as a holiday or a sporting event requires even more planning than for other events. A catering company can ensure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone has a good time.

Using a catering company is an excellent way to reduce stress and save time as well as money. Food preparation for events can be quite stressful and take hours, utilizing a catering company, allows the planner to focus on more important tasks at hand or to just enjoy the event themselves.