7 Steps to Treating Yourself with Homeopathy

Although you should always consult a specialist of homeopathic medicine to treat chronic issues, it’s possible to use homeopathy to take care of minor illnesses and injuries on your own.

Homeopathy is a branch of natural medicine that uses diluted substances to stimulate the immune system. Here is how you can use homeopathy to treat yourself, and how you can figure out if you need the help of an expert to treat your condition.

🌿 1. Pay attention to your symptoms

The first thing you should do is pay attention to your symptoms. If your condition requires immediate care, don’t delay and go to the hospital. If on the other hand you are suffering from a cold or from muscle pain, you can try to treat yourself at home.

Write down any observations about your symptoms, and about what seems to make them better or worse.

🌿 2. Determine if your condition is chronic or acute

If your problem is a chronic one, which means that is has persisted for months or years, you should see a homeopathy professional. If your problem is acute or short-lived, you should be able to treat yourself with homeopathy.

If, for example, this is your first or second time getting a bladder infection, you can certainly treat yourself with a homeopathic remedy.

🌿 3. Find a homeopathic remedy that fits your symptoms

Visit a drugstore or a store of natural remedies and compare your list of symptoms to the description of different homeopathic remedies. If you have a cold, finding a remedy should be easy, but if you are not sure what your symptoms mean, search for a remedy that fits with most of them.

Choose a remedy, even if it doesn’t fit with all your symptoms, and bring it home to try it out. Most homeopathic remedies are as affective as they are affordable, and they come with no side effects.

🌿 4. Start with one dose of the remedy

When you try homeopathy, you will see that remedies come in different strengths; a remedy with a potency of 30c is considered ideal for treating yourself at home.

Start with a single dose. Place 3 or 5 pellets of the remedy under your tongue, and wait. Pay attention to any change in your condition to see if your symptoms improve.

🌿 5. Try a few more doses

If you quickly see positive changes, you will know you found the right remedy. However, if you don’t see any improvement after a few hours, go ahead and take another dose of your remedy. If there is still no improvement, don’t give up and try a third dose.

If after 3 doses there is no change, you should go back to the store and try a different remedy. You could also contact a homeopathy expert to ask for some advice.

🌿 6. Try a different remedy if there is no improvement

If you are new to homeopathy, you might notbe able to find the right remedy for your condition right away. In fact, you might need to try a few different remedies before you can find the one that works for your symptoms.

Over time, you will surely get better at understanding your symptoms and at finding a remedy that will have the right effect on them.

🌿 7. Consult a homeopathic medicine professional

If you are not seeing any improvement at all, you might want to consult a homeopathic medicine professional. A professional will be able to assess your overall health condition and to find the right remedies, and they can even help you treat chronic conditions.