5 Ways to Use Website Visitor Tracking to Get More Sales

If you run an online business, then you know how important getting traffic to your site is. However, many people who come to a site just want information and aren't necessarily there to make a purchase. But how do you take advantage of these visitors and turn them into leads, or better yet, sales? There are ways to monitor your website's traffic to give you a lot of useful information that you can use to generate more leads and sales. Without any website visitor tracking, you will be leaving money on the table. Here are five ways you can use on your website to turn visitor information into something potentially more.


📊 Use A Tracking Pixel

Have you ever visited a website and then found that this site keeps popping up every now and then, no matter where you go on the Internet? This is a really powerful tool you can use on your website. The reason this happens is because the site you visited places a special pixel on its site, which is invisible. It triggers a tracking cookie which follows you about on the Internet. The reason you visited the site in the first place was perhaps to get information on a product, or possibly even buying it. However, you chose not to buy at the time.

Now, whenever you visit other sites, you will see an advertisement follow you. You'll be thinking, "Wow, these guys must be big time, since they spent so much on ads. Perhaps I'll go check them out again, or maybe even buy it this time." As you can see, it's really powerful to see it popping up regularly. You may eventually click the ad, go to the site and make a purchase.


📊 How To Use Statistics

By analyzing website statistics, you know how many visitors you are getting, where they are coming from, how long they spend on your site, where they go, which pages are popular and a whole lot of other information you can use.

With such powerful information at your fingertips, you can modify your site, your pages, spend more time on trying to monetize popular pages, spend more time on trying to improve poorly-performing pages, which ads are performing well and which aren't; you can turn this information into ways of getting more out of your visitors. You can tell if you have repeat visitors, as this is really vital information.


📊 Which Pages Are Converting Most Sales?

If you used visitor tracking, you can tell which of your pages are converting into sales. You can find out what your conversion rate is and come up with more ad campaigns to increase leads and sales. Knowing which pages on your site are responsible for turning visitors into customers is crucial.


📊 Keywords

You can find out which keywords are responsible for sending you high-quality traffic. By knowing this information, you can optimize your site around those keywords. You will continue to attract more and more high-quality visitors as a result of these efforts. When these visitors come to your site, you need to get them to give you their main email address. This way, you can directly keep track of them by building a long-term and trusting relationship. This will eventually lead to some of them becoming long-term customers.


📊 Tracking High-Visit Days

By tracking the number of visits on a daily basis, you may find out that you are getting the most visitors on a certain day. Obviously, you need to see a pattern and not just do this on one occasion. If you notice that you have the most number of visits on a Sunday, for example, then you could publish new content on that day or perhaps launch a promotion or competition (get creative) and take full advantage of this information. Again, make sure that you try to capture the information of your visitors. By doing so, you can market to them repeatedly.

It's always a good idea to publish fresh content on high-traffic days. Google loves this, especially if the content is of high quality. There are website visitor tracking software programs that you can use, but there's nothing wrong in using Google's own analytics initially, when you're first starting out. By tracking the movements of your visitors, you can gain valuable information that you can use to improve your site's pages to attract more visitors and turn many leads into sales.