4 Methods to Grow Accustomed to Your Orthotics

Did you know that if you had foot, back, hip or knee pain, it can be helped with orthotics? Some of this pain can be due to overuse. Orthotics can also help to align your body correctly, thus reducing pressure and pain while increasing stability. However, it's best to slowly get used to them in the right way and can even take up to two weeks, even though it seems like such a simple thing to do. Don't overdo it; get accustomed to it slowly. Here's some effective tips to show you how to do this.

1. The Wearing In Stage

Let your body slowly adjust to it during the wearing in period. Your podiatrist or chiropractor would have advised you on the proper way to do this, but generally, you should wear it for an hour a day and increase this by an hour each day. So, on day two, you wear it for two hours and after seven days, you can wear it for seven hours. Each person is different, so the increments can vary, but this is a good rule of thumb.

2. Sports Activities

When it comes to sporting activities, it's best to stop them for the time being. Remember, this whole thing should be a gradual process. So, if you're able to wear it daily for a week, speak to your healthcare professional regarding sporting activities. If you're feeling good and comfortable, then this may be a good indication that you can slowly return to your sports.

3. Cleaning

You can clean them with soap and warm water. If possible, do this by hand and not in a washing machine. The other thing you can do is to use a damp cloth to wipe it and then use something like Lysol to deodorize it. Don't use hot water as this may damage them. Make sure it's completely dry before using again, or you risk mold and athlete's foot. In the event that they get pretty smelly, you may want to see your podiatrist again to see what's happening and how to overcome it.

4. Try Wearing Socks

Some people don't wear socks, but when breaking in your orthotics, it's advisable to wear socks. Later on, once they've been broken in, you could go back to not wearing socks.

In The Event Of Problems

If you do encounter any problems, see your podiatrist or chiropractor for help. Some issues you could face are your heel slipping as you walk, or squeaking. Then there's also the possibility of getting blisters, aches and pains in places like the feet, back, knee or hips. Though you could try to resolve these yourself by reducing wear time, it's best to see a professional to know what the reason is and get the proper advice to overcome it.